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The Bionic Show is finally here! Five episodes in.

Our flagship show #TheBionicShow is almost here.
January 30, 2019
This Week on “Africa 10”
April 30, 2019


Rap Radio Africa’s flagship show/podcast titled “The Bionic Show” is finally off the ground. It’s on its fifth episode. A new episode tumbles in every Friday night. Ushering in the weekend shows; on Saturdays “Planet Earth Planet Rap” PEPR (10am), “Africa 10” at 10pm which is our rap countdown show of Africa’s dopest lyricists and Sundays ushers in “The Ryan Show” at 6pm.

Now, on “The Bionic Show” we bring you all things rap/Hiphop from the motherland; events, concerts etc. Brand new music/EPs/projects/albums etc.

Catch The Bionic Show on Anchor FM, Youtube & Soundcloud.

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