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Loud Base “End Of The Weak” MC Challenge Produces “Season 1/Episode 1” Winner

“End Of The Weak” Emcee Challenge Comes To Nigeria
September 21, 2018
Our flagship show #TheBionicShow is almost here.
January 30, 2019

It was all the way live at the event on September 25th, 2018 at the Slay Lounge, in the Lush Mall, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. It was a house full of undiscovered, underground, unsigned gems in one place at any given time.

Gochi (The Hennessy Season 5 winner) was in the house. He said, “…gimme a canoe and a paddle of I’ll steal them both (boat)…”. The FUBU-jersey wearing Timmy V said, “I went with marry Anna (Marijuana) cos I lost a concubine”.

The list of contestants went thus; Gochi, Timmy V, Storm (the energetic Enugu rapper), Spikey, ObaLurge, JD, OJ White, Brown, Protege, Patogen, the disabled but relentless Omen-T, Hausa-spitting Henchino, MJC, Young Zilli, KT, Chizi, MomentWay, Hertz the Ugandan representative (with an uncanny, splitting image of rapper M.I.) and Dr. Prince; a.k.a. the only rapper “na egbu oja” (with the local Igbo flute).

It was a tough one one for the judges – who were three, and then became four – and the became 5! A lot of deliberating before they produced the top 3 (Patogen, Hertz and Dr. Prince). More deliberations as they called one more rapper (Timmy V), making it “Top 4” so they can be paired of two-on-two. After another round among the four who were instructed to go at it 8-bar a-piece and to keep it rotating until they are asked to stop. What?! Come here wetin young ‘uns dey yarn. This final round (Round 6, if I may) was where only the one rapper who was consistent with his, from the beginning – creative freestyling, dope punchlines, relatable rhymes, wittiness, funny – materialized as the last man standing; none other than Dr. Prince, who became the night’s winner of the “End of the Weak” MC Challenge for Season 1/Episode 1.

Guest acts who thrilled us included Obawaver (initiating everyone with his infectious new single, “Sup Boy” which is growing to be a dope new street anthem, the rapping duo of Tentik & Th3 Ghost (who really reminded me of Das Efx from back in the day with the way they were expertly slanging rhyme back and forth, tag-team style), the slanguistical DQ was on point, female rapper Fega Michaels became one of the night’s favourites as she left all in a frenzy with her two new singles, also spitting her game was LaLa (a.k.a. Lala Fresh) and all this nice-ness was crowned by the performances of two of the judges; Terry The Rapman & female emcee Phlow (of the Str8buttah fame).

Special appearances by Corzette Branford; a music head/songwriter and lover of Hiphop all the ways from Long beach, California, Rap Radio Africa’s Bionic & Mr. Smith, rapper Ronin’ Blade, the enigmatic emcee Moses Audu and Mich Blunt.

Phew! What a night?

Special shouts to Loud Base for putting together a dope one for the kulture, our genre. The most intelligent music genre!

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